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Los Angeles Unified School District
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Thank you for trying this alternative search method. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please visit the Resident School Identifier Website Support Page Click Here.

In the search fields below, enter a street address in order to identify the resident assigned and resident application eligible schools for the search address. Fields with an * in front of them are required.

Tips for successful searches:
When searching for an address on a numbered street, please include the appropriate ordinal suffix (i.e., 12th, 41st, 62nd, or 103rd). Please omit any unit designations such as Apt A, Unit 1, as well as any fractions added to the house number.

To identify the Los Angeles County School District and/or LAUSD Board District you reside in, please click this link
For questions or assistance regarding the Resident School Identifier, please email us at this link
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